Symfony Development


Apply SSL from the start to ensure data between you and your customers is encrypted.

Include a CSRF Token with each form to protect against cross site request forgery attacks.

User entered data can be malicious, neutralize XSS attacks with proper data sanitation.


Take advantage of Symfony's HTTP Caching components to produce faster page loads.

Cache database results in Memcache transparently with a proper Doctrine configuration.

Ensure proper server set up using either Apache or Nginx.


Utilize the built in phpunit testing framework to automate testing and prevent regression.

Multiple testing suites for each step of the development phase.

Guarantee quality with full code coverage in your production test suite.

Bundle Development

Titan Cloud Works specializes in Symfony 2 bundle development. Bring an entire suite of functionality to any Symfony 2 website with a custom developed bundle.

Integrate with external services to create a mashup.

Introduce your service or API to an entire community of developers and site owners by creating a bundle.

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Website Development

Titan Cloud Works is focused on websites with clean semantic markup coupled with efficient CSS which makes our sites incredible easy to customize and brand.

Create a stronger more defined online presence that isn't another cookie-cut Blog or CMS Site. Custom development that is free from the constraints of a heavy framework or CMS empowers creativity and produces gorgeous and alluring interfaces.


Data Silos happen to everyone and regardless of the platform, we can migrate you to Symfony.

Full understanding of SQL and Doctrine makes data migration a much more fluid transition.

Kickstart your application with an intuitive data layer built on Doctrine.

Branding & Theming

Rock solid skills with Twig make Symfony theming effortless.

Create a Symfony site with that polished modern look your customers are expecting.

Brighten up your existing Symfony site with new techniques and a fresh look.


When the project is over we can host the site on one of our dedicated virtual servers.

Cloud hosting for you means a system dovetailed to your needs and isolation from busy neighbors.

Titan Cloud Works concentrates on optimized and secured Symfony Hosting.