Captain's Log

Articles about Symfony, Drupal, Javascript and other technologies that TCW builds with every day.

Drupal 8: Services at Your Service

Harness Drupal's new service container to create loosely coupled reusable code with ice cold clean separation of concerns.

Drupal 8: An Introduction to the New Production

Drupal 8 introduces a revolution towards structure, separation of concerns and clean configuration. Explore some of the new features with a dead simple module implementation.

FormDelegate, Creates a Clear Path to Elegant Form Hijaxing

FormDelegate creates a layer between a Backbone Model and an HTML Form. Creating a smooth workflow for hijacking a form's submit event and normalizes the form data to be consumed by a model.

Traffic JS, An Event Driven Approach to Ajax Communications

Clean separation of XHR configuration, event binding and server communication.

Theming Symfony Forms with Twitter Bootstrap

Learn how to tweak Symfony forms to render with Twitter Bootstrap markup. Giving Symfony forms a more polished look.

Killer Crud: Symfony Forms Handle the Dirty Work

Learn how to leverage Symfony's console commands to quickly set up a persistent model and a web based application to manage it. This gives web developers a great head start on taking care of the basics of data persistance and an interface with interact with it.

Symfony Standard: Quick Install

A guide to installing the Symfony Standard package. Using git, composer and Apache to quickly deploy a Symfony site.

Symfony Forms: The Basics

Learn how to use Symfony 2.3's new form component architecture to easily reuse form logic and apply validation to your site's forms.