• Javascript

    We write maintainable, testable, reusable code that creates a consistent and reliable user experience. With knowledge in an array of libraries and frameworks, such as Ext.js, Prototype.js, dojo, mootools, jQuery, AngularJS and Backbone.

  • Symfony 2

    Symfony 2 is a gorgeous HTTP framework designed to build extremely custom web applications from the ground up. With a massive community of developers and built upon years of experience in the web development arena Symfony 2 allows us to build beautiful rich internet applications with deftness and grace.

  • Drupal

    Drupal is a veteran in the content management space. We understand the depths of the Drupal system, with experience developing contributed modules for eBay and an XSL based theme system. We're more than capable of deploying a stable and robust instance of drupal to serve your company's content management needs.

  • HTML5 & CSS3

    HTML5 and CSS3 have introduced new elements and effects to the web development vocabulary and we speak that language fluently. Impress your users with a rich, responsive interface that has intuitive behavior and cross browser support.

  • Discovery

    The initial phase is discovering the idea that you're envisioning. We need to understand what your goals are and how you're expecting to achieve them. We'll need to assess these expectations and ensure that we'll be a good fit for your company's needs.

  • Solidify

    We'll collaborate on these ideas to build wireframes on how each requirement relates to the interface. This will give all of us a visual conception of what each company is expecting to be produced. From that we'll build the design, the skin to the wireframes to give the gripping presentation that you're expecting to convert your users to customers.

  • Iteration

    We work using an agile and sprint based development cycle. This means you're consulted often with the progress of each sprint, this allows your input to guide this process carefully to ensure the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Launch

    After the final iteration we're onboard to launch the site into cyberspace. Our virtualized hosting platform ensures your system is designed exactly to fit your product's needs.